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My Simplified Life with Michelle Glogovac

Jun 30, 2020

Mompreneur and Me founder, Forbes Contributor, Author, and the #1 Voice for Working Moms, Christine Michel Carter, is a true pioneer for women in today’s world. Christine is one of the most candid, honest, and refreshing women out there. She’s never afraid to voice her opinion about being a woman, a mom, a working mom, and a Black woman. Nothing is off limits during this chat where we dive deep into the guilt that so often comes with being a working mom. Christine gives incredible advice on how to push past that nagging feeling of guilt and instead embrace all the parts of who we are as women. We also talk about what we can do as women to change the state of the world (hint: we can do a lot because we’re powerful).

You are sure to walk away from this episode feeling empowered to take a stand for women and mothers everywhere!

What we’re talking about

  • Navigating Motherhood and Work 
  • Pushing Past Working Mom Guilt
  • How to Use Your Voice to Create Change For All Women

Navigating Motherhood and Work

Christine is a fierce advocate for all working mothers and she’s on a mission to make sure no woman feels alone as she tries to strike the ever elusive balance between motherhood and work. As an author and global marketing strategist who educates brands and HR teams on how to attract and retain millennial moms and Black millennial moms, Christine has experienced firsthand the triumphs and struggles of mothers in corporate America. She shares why it’s important for moms to go to work and she reinforces the fact that it’s ok to not live in perfect harmony all the time. 

Pushing Past Working Mom Guilt

Pretty much every working mom is familiar with that pang of guilt that makes her question her decision to work outside the home. Christine cuts straight to the point when she shares how to deal with this troubling emotion: acknowledge the guilt, accept it, and move on. She also educates the public that working moms are GOOD moms. She is a living example of how a woman can be both a wonderful mother and super successful executive - and she’s oh so generous with her advice, insights, and expertise. 

How to Use Your Voice to Create Change for All Women

Women have an important role to play in creating a more just and equitable society, and Christine certainly isn’t sitting this one out. She has used her voice to advocate for racial justice, fair maternity leave, and equal representation in the workplace. Christine is asking all of us to do the same and she’s putting pressure on the men to join women in the fight for equality. Christine leads by example and she is a constant source of inspiration for women to make their voices heard and to stand up for what’s right.

How are you going to advocate for women and mothers in today’s world?


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