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My Simplified Life with Michelle Glogovac

May 12, 2020

Co-founders of The Email Collection, Linda Sidhu and Wendy Jensen not only both had major career pivots, but have launched a business that is helping entrepreneurs and business owners nurture and grow their email lists. These are two women saw a need in the marketplace when it came to email lists and they are generously sharing their knowledge. I love this episode because we are talking about the things that I didn’t have when I started my business. If you are wondering about funnels, opt-ins, quizzes and nurturing your email list, then this is a must-listen! 

It’s time to start and grow your email list...then nurture it!

What we’re talking about

  • How Do You Start & Grow An Email List?
  • What Is A Funnel?
  • How A Quiz Opt-In Can Grow Your Email List

How Do You Start & Grow An Email List

Where do you start with an email list? Linda and Wendy say that you should first make a decision on what email platform you want to use. Don’t overthink it though! Research a handful and see what resonates with you. Most email platforms will offer a free trial or might be completely free, so try one out because you can always change it down the road. 

Once you have your email platform, create a freebie, also known as an opt-in that offers value to your clients and showcases your expertise. Your freebie can be a checklist, guide, quiz or challenge, but make sure it is valuable enough that someone would want to give you their email address in exchange for it. 

Next comes your nurture sequence. A nurture sequence is a series of emails in which you convert your leads into customers. It starts with your opt-in and is followed up with an email to remind the subscriber that they’ve downloaded something from you and might even remind them what it is by redirecting them to the download. Strategize your email sequence so that you validate the person is where they should be. You can do this by introducing yourself, sharing recommendations, offering tips and value and finally, allowing them an opportunity to work with you. 

What Is A Funnel?

One of the biggest questions I’ve had and hear from so many others is what exactly is a funnel? Visualize it as a regular funnel. The top is your freebie or opt-in that targets your ideal client. The middle is your nurture sequence in which you are sharing your products, services and about yourself. The bottom is where people will start to become your paying clients. People may drop out of your funnel in the middle and it’s good to remember that this is not only ok, but is good. Your funnel is meant to find your ideal client, so if someone unsubscribes, then they weren’t your ideal client to begin with. 

How A Quiz Opt-In Can Grow Your Email List

Have you taken a quiz lately? I know I have and even though I know they are lead magnets, I do them anyway, because they’re fun! Wendy and Linda create quizzes based on personalities. They’ve developed a quiz quadrant for 4 personalities: 1) powerhouse (hey, Beyonce!), 2) people oriented (Lady Gaga and me!), 3) precise (a thinker like Bill Gates), and 4) pleasant (the always sweet Taylor Swift). When you take their quiz, you not only get to find out what your personality is, but you get extra bonuses such as email subject lines and a playlist made just for you! It’s fun and pop-culture, so what’s not to love?! Quizzes are great because they’re also sharable which can grow your email list even more! 

Is your email list working for you? 


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